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Title Protection Europe is an insurance brokerage firm specializing in title insurance. Title insurance protects commercial and residential property buyers against the legal uncertainty inherent in property transfer, and particularly protects against legal issues discovered in due diligence. Title Insurance provides a transaction guarantee for such issues, that standard legal representations and warranties fail to deliver. Title insurance protects buyers against loss, litigation and legal fees, offering instead property transaction certainty.

Elise Klein Wassink is the founder of Title Protection Europe. A native of the Netherlands Ms. Klein Wassink holds a law degree from Leiden University in the Netherlands. She also studied at Emory University of Atlanta (USA). Ms. Klein Wassink has practiced law for close to 15 years at major law firms in Amsterdam and Paris. She is fluent in English, French and Dutch.

Ms. Klein Wassink has in depth experience in international corporate and tax law and particular expertise in property law. Expert in assessing property transactions' legal and tax risks, Ms. Klein Wassink understands your insurance needs, and allows Title Protection Europe to offer custom coverage.

As a result, you will be able to mitigate title risk in commercial and residential real estate transactions.

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